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Dubfest #10 : Producers Edition


DUBFEST #10 : The Producers Edition

Jah Heavy Load presents the 10th edition of dubfest. 
For this 10th edition we teamed up with local producers & friends :
Mad Codiouf x KianganaCrucial Alphonso & Missing Link
and Unlisted FanaticSonik will be joining them in
4 hours producers session. All playing their own productions in their
own typical style and fashion.

Crucial Alphonso : is a Antwerp producer who gave us guidance
many years ago and ever since. His label Roots Resolute released a series of his productions and collaborations in his own typical style. Played on Dour, Dubcamp , Reggae Geel... 
Joined by his long time bredder Missing Link on the mic. 
Mediative Steppers a come your way inna CRUCIAL STYLE.

Sonik : As selector / Operator of the Jah Heavy Load soundsystem he is knowned by many for his thunderous selections on the Dubfest nights. Crafting his skills in the studio he now will present his latest dubs & cuts for you. His creations has been tested
on Dourfestival , Reggaebus and now inna zappa ! All Exclusive Music soon to be released.
Expect the unexpected ! 

Kiangana & Mad Codiouf : All of us know Kiangana for a long time now, as regular guest on the Jah Heavy Load Soundsystem we invite her once again. Now coming with her own productions, side by side with Mad Codiouf. He's been playing
tunes all over europe with Reggaebus, OBF and many more... 
Expect sweet n ruff tunes from this well experienced duo.

Unlisted Fanatic : Owner of the Sir Runnin Records Label. Made many tunes with Paul Fox , Saimn I , Collieman, Moonshine Horns ... Too many too mention. He will be playing his ruffest selection. 
Expect roots till steppers all in a nice dub fashion.

All playing on Jah Heavy Load Soundsystem : A homecrafted 20 kw Soundsystem that will be roaring all night long !!! Armed with 6 scoops , Spliff Well Fat , Reflexian & Sonik will be controlling the beast for all tribes to gather around.

Expect a night full of exclusive music, mixes and dubplates. 

Come and join this night of soundsystem culture ! 
Roots, Dub & Steppers from the creation of the Above !

Damage : 10 Euro

\\\ All tribes welcome to skank , jump & dance ///