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Wolfbrigade vs Visions Of War vs Sürya vs Calligram vs GT

WOLFBRIGADE (se) rare & exclusive club show!
"Pioneers of the Swedish d-beat/crust movement, WOLFBRIGADE are returning this year with their new album on Southern Lord Recordings and La Famila Releases for the release of "Damned" - the first of their next three crushing full-length releases of malevolent darkness."

Visions Of War (be)
"Legendary Crustband from Belgium & beyond."

Sūrya (uk)
"For Surya, music and art in general are powerful tools for conveying ideas, like human/animal liberation and going back to Nature, and a whole spectrum of emotions.
The music is a mix of heaviness and subtle sonic landscapes, ugliness and beauty. Earth, Water, Air and Fire- all in it's eternal dance of creation and destruction.
Surya is about bringing light through understanding the darkness."

Calligram (br)
"A bunch of foreigners and a Brexit voter!
They descibe their music as fast, heavy and not beautiful.
'nuff said"

Genocidal Terror (b)
Blackened in grind we crust band from Woestwezel, Antwerp, Belgium!

DOORS: 19h00 - 1ST BAND: 19h30
PRESALE: €13.00 - AT THE DOORS: €16.0
The City Is Dead
Kavka / Zappa

Earlier Event: August 4
Kiss Daniel Live in Antwerpen