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Napalm Death vs Brujeria vs Power Trip vs Lock Up vs Marginal

Napalm Death (uk)
With a career spanning over +30 years Napalm Death continues to grind away. Although other groups had previously played fast and aggressive music, Napalm Death is credited with defining the Grindcore genre through its fusion of punk and metal musical structures, aggressive playing, fast tempos, and deep guttural vocals.

Brujeria (mex)
This extreme Grindcore/metal band started all the way back in 1989. It has seen some changes over the years but always had a loyal following.
The most recent line-up has members from all over the world and are considered to be grind legends.
Always out to have a good time and bring a message!!!

Power Trip (us)
Power Trip is a real band like no other. Their raw energy, musical proficiency, perfect song structure, rich tones, fierce riffs, persecution and collective attitude have seeded them as one of the most prolific underground staples in the US metal, punk and hardcore scenes. Power Trip has relentlessly toured the world for years with the likes of Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Cro-Mags, Negative Approach, Turnstile, Backtrack, Eyehategod, Bane, OFF! and more, and has performed with countless others, in addition to pummeling audiences at major festivals all over the USA, Europe and beyond.

Lock Up (official) (uk)
Lock Up brings a brutal blend of death metal and grindcore. This allstar line-up is a guarantee for a tight show that will deliver a lightningfast punch in the ears!
Toca rápido o muere – play fast or die!

Marginal (be)
Marginal is an Antwerp based five piece Death Crust band, lined up by experienced musicians with around 20 years in the scene.
But don't let this fool you! these oldies know their shit and deliver the most energetic cocktail of all that's explosive (punk/crust/grind/metal and whatever face melting genre there is and will be).

DOORS: 18h00 - 1ST BAND: 18h30
PRESALE: €20.00 - AT THE DOORS: €23.00