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Antwerp will burn october 28th !
We'll bring you some crossbreed devastation,
filthy drum&bass and raw industrial hardcore. 
Braincell destruction is inevitable...


With underground releases on labels like PRSPCT XTRM and Industrial Strength Records this dutch master is a household name... Get ready for some facemelting bangers from...
♪♪ Dither ♪♪ (NL)

This upcoming talent has made his mark in the industry with releases on Motormouth Records and Industrial Strength Records. Break a leg with...
♪♪ Fester ♪♪ (BE)

This Belgian innovator and founder of HERESY pumping out tracks on PRSPCT, Rebelscum, Third Movement and many more, is no stranger to the scene. 
♪♪ Igneon System ♪♪ (BE)

One of belgium's trademark artists, owner of Abused Recordingz and well known for his epic "Abused" events. 
♪♪ Mr. Steve Orange ♪♪ (BE)

These italian crossbreed soldiers and representatives of PRSPCT are legends in the scene. Bang your head against the wall for... 
♪♪ Hallucinator ♪♪ (IT)

Mentally insane, banana flavoured, grandma's favourite grandson and 50% of the CORE-crew...
♪♪ Dirty Tricks ♪♪ (BE)

With multiple releases on Heresy, The Third Movement and many more. This polish crossbreed genius has a unique style like no other. Be prepared to lose consciousness with...
♪♪ Switch Technique ♪♪ (PL)

Owner of Cheeze Graterz and member of the biggest hardcore dj agency in the UK is coming to Antwerp city to demonstrate his skills...
♪♪ DJ Hektek ♪♪ (UK)

The other 50% of CORE... Words... A description... Something about someone... Just another...
♪♪ DJ Syndrum ♪♪ (BE)

Founders of Genosha One Seven Five and pioneers of crossover material. These iconic names need no further introduction. Get ready to be blasted into oblivion by...
♪♪ Eye-D & DJ Hidden ♪♪ (NL)

Progressed from the acid-scene into the world of hardcore through Cheeze Graterz and Viral Conspiracy Records. Back from the UK...
♪♪ IEmperor ♪♪ (UK)

One of god's own prototypes, a high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production., Too weird to live and too rare to die.
♪♪ Wax ♪♪ (BE)

▬▬▬▬▬▬► TIMETABLE ◄▬▬▬▬▬▬

21.00 → 22.00 » Dirty Tricks
22.00 → 23.00 » Fester
23.00 → 00.00 » Dither
00.00 → 01.00 » Switch Technique
01.00 → 02.00 » Hallucinator
02.00 → 03.00 » Eye-D & DJ Hidden
03.00 → 04.00 » Igneon System vs Mr. Orange
04.00 → 05.00 » Hektek vs IEmperor
05.00 → 06.00 » Syndrum vs Wax


Later Event: November 2
District 13 invites HEF (nl)